Discover the water puzzle in DayZ's Livonia Bunker! Learn how to adjust the water level to get exclusive loot. Solo or in a team - we'll show you how it's done.

A bunker was added in Livonia update 1.19 for you to explore. This is at the bottom left of the map. You can find out how to open the bunker and where to find the key or punch cards with which you can open the bunker in another blog post, which I linked below.

Bunker main entrance from the drone perspective. If you go through the main entrance, the gate starts blinking (1000m visibility) and the bunker door can be clearly heard in the vicinity.

After you have arrived in the bunker, there is initially only level 1 to explore. Here you will first find some basic loot (basic loot), but in my opinion the bunker is not worth it just for this loot. (Tier 1 Military Loot).

To get to the other two areas, the water level must be reduced or increased for the last area. Look for a door behind which is a stairwell that will take you deeper into the bunker.

The bunker vents look similar and are located directly above the bunker in Livonia.

Water puzzles in DayZ / Water Puzzle

increase water level

  • Spin the Red Wheel - Red Valve

decrease water level

  • Spin the Blue Wheel - Blue Valve
Here in the single player mod: Left the blue wheel and right the red wheel. The blue one lowers the water level and the red one raises the water level.

What to do


Ideally there are at least two of you. Here's what to do:

One of you climbs down the ladder until you are close to the water. Then someone else spins the blue wheel. The water level should now drop. Slowly go down the ladder. Now you see a canal in front of you. Follow this until you come to a fork. Do not go straight ahead, this is a dead end. First turn left. Then climb up the ladder and you are in area number 2. (Tier 2 Military Loot)

The water will slowly start to rise again, so if you linger in the second area for too long, you won't be able to get out without outside help. The same applies, of course, to the third area. (bunker area 3)

After looting the second area, you can either return to your teammate and place the loot in a backpack or similar, or while you're at it, you can venture into the third area. To get to the third area, you absolutely need another team member, who is now spinning the red wheel. However, before you do that, at the junction in the middle of the area, you should see a ladder that is broken at the bottom and only starts after a few meters.

Your teammate will now start spinning the red wheel and the water level will rise, allowing you to explore the third area. In this area you will find the best loot. (Underground Military 3).

After looting the third area, you can start your way back. Just get back in the water and let your teammate spin the blue wheel. The water level will now start to drop again and you will have to turn left.

It's best to go down the ladder and have your buddy turn the blue wheel to lower the water level.
At the bottom of the water shaft there is only one tube, at the next junction you go up the ladder to the left for the second area.
Straight ahead is a dead end you don't need to go any further. Up the ladder on the left leads you directly to the second area (Underground Military Level 2)
At the top of the ladder you meet a colleague who didn't manage to come back within 4 minutes and starved to death in the bunker.
Here is the third area. You definitely need a buddy for this one.


"Never Mogue Uciec!" is Polish and means something like: "I can't escape." / "I can't get out of here."


If you're traveling alone, things get a little more difficult. You can easily reach and loot the first part, area 1, through the large bunker door.

You can reach the second area relatively easily by turning the blue wheel and immediately going to the lower area. Then go straight to the second area. Now you have little time to loot the entire area. Go for a short run and use an adrenaline pen in a pinch. After that, you must return as soon as possible.

After turning the wheel, you have exactly: 4 minutes to leave the area. (No guarantee ;) )