In this article I will explain how to refuel a car in DayZ. This question often arises especially for newcomers to the game, also known as "freshies" or "fresh spawns".

Utensils needed to refuel a car

To fill up a car you need a gas can or other portable vessels, like canteens or the smaller plastic bottles. Of course, a larger petrol can also works. You can fill up these vessels at gas stations. Just go to a working gas pump and fill it up.

Suitable utensils:

  • petrol can
  • canteen
  • cooking pot
  • plastic bottle

Refuel a car in DayZ

To refuel a car, approach the gas cap of your car with a can filled with gasoline. A menu should now appear, which you simply have to follow.

Please note that you are not allowed to drink petrol under any circumstances. This causes vomiting and sickness in the game. Staying near petrol pumps is also dangerous. They can be detonated by fire, resulting in a powerful detonation and a plume of smoke that can be heard from afar. If you are at the gas pump when the explosion occurs, there is a high probability that your character will not survive. So always be vigilant when refueling a car.

You can fill up your canisters at a gas station.

Gasoline cans or other containers can be filled at an intact gas pump. If a circuit board protrudes from the dispenser, it is defective and cannot be used for filling.

If you look for the gas cap on the car, a context menu will appear.

Above is a refueling process of an Ada 4x4 in DayZ. To do this, you hold a filled petrol can or another can/bottle in your hand while the car's gas cap is visible. As soon as the tank cap has been found, the context menu for carrying out the refueling appears.

Canisters can be filled at the gas station in Polana.

Above you can see a gas station in Polana. While refueling the car, players should always be aware of possible enemy activity, as you are quite exposed in this situation. Also note that not all gas stations work and there are also gas pumps that are not shown on the map. Such pumps are often found in military bases.