In this blog post I would like to introduce you to the water trough, which is available in DayZ since update 1.2.

Update 1.2 / 1.21

Unfortunately, since the latest update, the water from the trough can no longer be drunk directly. If you drink from the water trough, you will get sick with a very high probability. The disease that then afflicts you is called cholera and can only be treated with charcoal tablets and ideally additional vitamins.

A Water Trough in DayZ.

On the picture above we see a Water Trough from the game DayZ. The trough is used to provide drinking water for cows. It's a simple but essential in-game element that players can use to collect water - however, this water is not readily potable.

Where can you find the water troughs?

The water troughs or water troughs can be found near meadows. You can find a detailed map of the water troughs at:

But how can you still enjoy the water?

If you fill up your container and add a Chlorine tablet to the bottled water, you can drink the water without hesitation.

Here is more information on how to get drinking water:

Personal conclusion

In my opinion, the DayZ game world could use even more water sources that are drinkable without Chlorine tablets. Of course it was almost too easy to get drinking water in a previous update, but there should still be an alternative to the Chlorine tablets. For example, my suggestion would be to implement natural springs or wells that are away from civilization in forests - so to speak, at the source of a stream or something similar. This would just make it easier to start the game in DayZ.

Chlorine tablets

This picture shows a pack of Chlorine tablets lying on a stone. These tablets play a crucial role in DayZ: they serve to purify contaminated water. After treatment with a Chlorine tablet, the previously unclean water becomes drinkable.

A petrol canister can also be filled up and cleaned with a Chlorine tablet.

In the picture above you can see a gas can and a pack of Chlorine tablets. This picture shows you clearly how versatile you can use the tablets in DayZ: You can not only use them to clean small containers, but also larger units such as a complete canister or a barrel. Remember, a single tablet is enough to clean an entire keg or canister.

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