In this blogpost you will learn how to treat toxic poisoning from poison/poison clouds in DayZ.

There are toxic zones in the newer versions of DayZ. These zones are either permanently present or only become active after a poison gas bomb has hit. There are also poison grenades that turn a small area into an infected zone when thrown. If you stay in this zone, you risk toxic poisoning. You can recognize this by the fact that you receive a wound (cut) every 25 seconds that you are in this area.

Trivia / DayZ Story

Wondering where all those toxic grenades came from and why are certain zones being bombed in DayZ? Then I have a little tip for you: go in search of a punch card, also known as a punch card. Then look for the bunker on your map and dive deep into the underworld. There you will find chemical labs and the weapons factory where these grenades were made. Did the survivors try to exterminate the zombies with these poison gas attacks?

Toxic Zone in DayZ

Toxic poisoning


The cause of toxic poisoning is relatively simple: you are in a toxic zone.

  • You stayed in a toxic zone without protection for more than 25 seconds.


Only enter the toxic zones with a full protective suit! You can get this in fire department buildings and at "Medical Spots". In addition, there is a gray military protective gear in the bunker. In order to be able to enter this, you need a punch card or punch card.

  • Do not stay in a toxic zone, and if so only with full protection consisting of a mask + NBC filter + NBC protective suit.


If you have been in a toxic zone, you must use a PO-X Antidote Auto-Injector and seal your wounds as soon as possible. Remember to only use disinfected bandages or wound dressings. You can also find the PO-X Antidote Auto-Injector in police stations and fire stations if they have recently been hit by a gas attack, for example.

  • Bandage your cuts/wounds as soon as possible. Then a PO-X Antidote Auto-Injector.