In DayZ, a wound infection can be life-threatening. In this blog post you will learn how to recognize, prevent and treat a wound infection.

Have you contracted a wound infection in DayZ and would like to know how to get rid of it? Then you are exactly right here. Getting a wound infection in DayZ is relatively easy and quick. A zombie hits you, you connect with a dirty bandage or bandage and that's it. You have contracted a wound infection.

wound infection

The causes of a wound infection include a dirty bandage or bandage. Furthermore, it can also be, with a certain chance, that you get infected if you don't disinfect your wound.

Sometimes the worst thing is if the wound heals without treatment, then you can also contract a wound infection.

If you only treat your wound with a sewing kit without disinfecting the wound with alcohol, it can sometimes happen that you contract a wound infection.


  • You've bandaged yourself with a dirty bandage.
  • You didn't disinfect your wound.
  • You just let your wounds heal without treatment.
  • You bandaged your wounds with a sewing kit without disinfecting the wound.


The symptoms of a normal wound infection are a slight screen blur, slight pain sounds, and reduced life and stamina regeneration.

  • screen blur (slight)
  • Slight pain sounds
  • low health and stamina regeneration


To avoid wound infection, you should always use good bandages and disinfected bandages. Of course, if you don't have disinfected bandages or bandages, bandaging with a dirty bandage is still better than not at all. Never let your wounds heal themselves. It is still best to clean the wound beforehand and then bandage it or close the wound with a sewing kit.

  • Always use good bandages/dressings. Dirty ones should at least be disinfected to avoid the chance of infection.
  • Never let wounds heal by themselves, always use bandages or bandages to close the wounds.
  • Cleanse your wounds with alcohol tincture, iodine or something similar.

treatment of wound infection

If you have nevertheless contracted a wound infection, it is best to treat a wound infection with antibiotics, i.e. tetracyclines. You can find this in medical spots in hospitals, medical spots and other medical loot areas.

  • Antibiotic / Tetracycline - you can find this in medical spots or hospitals. You probably need at least four or more antibiotic pills.