In this short blog post I would like to show you the most significant changes that have been introduced to DayZ with the update 1.21.


First of all, a small but important detail that has changed: in the previous version 1.2 you could drink the water from troughs. The water was drinkable and did not lead to diseases such as cholera. Since update 1.21 this is no longer the case. Now if you drink water from troughs in DayZ, there is a very high chance of contracting cholera, which if you don't treat it with charcoal tablets and vitamins will result in your death. This happened to me personally after update 1.21.

Okay, enough babble. Let's start with the new important things that have changed in version 1.21.

New added

Swords, various maces, mail armor and other medieval armor were introduced in the new update. The armor collection complements the already existing medieval helmet and now forms almost a complete set. However, the helmet restricts the view. There are also different types of bolts for the crossbow. I find the crossbow quite interesting and I'm curious to see how it performs in the game.

Injuries now show a small icon with a foot in the bottom right, indicating a minor leg injury. This affects the character's ability to move.

Now there are also small tips in the loading screen.


Fall damage now depends on the height of the fall. I also find it important that all devices connected to a power generator reset their despawn timer as soon as they interact with the generator. In addition, the drying speed of clothes now adapts to external conditions, such as dry weather.

Pants now break when falling from a height of more than 5 meters.

The most significant change, in my opinion, is that water troughs are no longer a source of drinking water.


  • With update 1.21 in DayZ, water from troughs is no longer drinkable, it now leads to a cholera infection.
  • New items have been added, including swords, various maces, mail armor, and other medieval armor.
  • An icon now indicates minor leg injuries.
  • Fall damage now depends on fall height.
  • Despawn timers of all devices attached to a power generator are reset as soon as the generator is interacted with.
  • The drying speed of clothes now adapts to external conditions.
  • Pants break if you fall from a height of more than 5 meters.