This blogpost explains what you can do if you break a bone in DayZ.How to make a splint, why you broke your leg, and how to avoid breaking your leg in the future, you will learn in this article.


It can happen so quickly - one careless move and you fall from a great height. Stepping on a bear trap or land mine, barely survived. The result: you keep fainting while running. You can prevent this by making a cotter pin or splint. You can easily make these out of bandages and sticks. If you don't have a knife available to get the sticks, find a rock, grind it on a larger rock into a knife, and then collect the sticks. It's best to try not to pick up sticks with your bare hands (unless you're wearing gloves), as you could easily cut yourself.

Jumped from a building that was too high and you broke your leg.



  • gunshot wound in the legs
  • fall from a great height
  • Step into a bear trap or land mine, the former being more likely.

Broken bones in Zombie Survival DayZ can have a variety of causes. One of the most common causes is falling from a higher height, it happens quickly, you underestimate the height and fall too deep. Furthermore, if you get shot in the legs, you break your legs. Another common cause is stepping into a bear trap.


  • Didn't get a gunshot wound in the leg.
  • Don't jump from a high height
  • Don't step on a bear trap/landmine.

Of course, the best thing is not to break your leg at all. Try not to get gunshot wounds in the legs, just keep your head out. Joking aside, you could achieve this by skillfully covering yourself behind trees, walls, hay bales, stones or the like. Taking cover isn't a bad idea anyway.

Furthermore, you could carefully check the paths that go back down, don't underestimate the grin and go a longer way if possible.

Bear traps and land mines are such a special thing, bear traps in particular are easy to hide in tall grass. A landmine is also very dangerous and has a shade of green that blends in very well with its surroundings.


  • Making a splint: bandages + sticks, then put on the splint. Then you can walk again without fainting, albeit not quickly.
  • After 15 minutes real-time the broken bone is healed.

If, despite all the precautionary measures, it still happened and you have broken a bone, you can make a splint. This can be made from a combination of Bandages/Rags. When you put the pin on, you can walk again, although not at full speed. The broken bone heals completely after 15 minutes. After that you can reuse the cotter pin.