Diablo 4 Season 2 Build - Rogue Poison and Shadow Piercing Shot. Here you can find a build Guild den Gift + Shadow Striking Shot for the Rogue in Diablo 4.

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The Poison + Shadow Penetrating Shot Hunter penetrates his enemies with a ranged attack that gets powerful area damage from Shadow Infusion and powerful focus damage from Poison Infusion for elites and bosses.  


The specialization here will be the combo points, making your base skill generate combo points that will be consumed by your core skill to boost that skill.

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Basic Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your base skill here is Puncture.

You generate resource when you hit an enemy suffering from crowd control effects.

The ability itself slows down enemies hit after multiple casts, causing re-casting to generate your resource.

In addition, the ability inflicts the Vulnerable debuff when you hit the opponent with more than one blade at a time.

It also generates combo points that can be used to boost Penetrating Shot.

Core Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Penetrating Shot is your core skill.

This allows you to deal more damage for each enemy you penetrate.

When executed with full resource, normal enemies will be slowed on hit and even elite enemies will be knocked down.

Agility Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

With your Shadow Step agility skill, you become unstoppable, breaking out of stuns etc., appearing immediately behind the selected enemy, and gaining increased movement speed.

In addition, your critical hit chance increases and Shadowstep's cooldown decreases if the enemy hit hasn't already been the target of Shadowstep for a few seconds.

Weapon Mastery boosts your weapon types depending on what weapon you're playing with.

Subterfuge Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Dark Shroud reduces your damage taken for each active shadow.

Taking damage has a chance not to consume a shadow, and you gain increased movement speed for each shadow you have active.

Exploit causes you to deal increased damage to healthy and injured enemies.

Malice increases your damage done to vulnerable enemies.

Imbuement Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Poison Imbueable empowers the next imbueable skill, your Penetrating shot, and deals additional poison damage over time.

Critical hits with the skill also deal increased poison damage.

Poison Infusion is best used on elite enemies and bosses.

Deadly Poison increases the poison damage you deal.

Enemies poisoned by Debilitating Toxins deal less damage.

Shadow Imbueable works similarly to Poison Infusion, only with shadow damage and is more suitable for area damage to many normal enemies, as enemies killed by the effect explode and deal area damage.

You also gain increased critical hit chance against vulnerable enemies and apply Vulnerable to enemies hit with the primary blast.

Shadow Crash gives you a chance to stun enemies when dealing Shadow damage.

Consuming Shadows grants you a decent amount of resource each time you kill an enemy with shadow damage.

Precision Imbueable increases your critical hit chance from skills with infusions.

Ultimate Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

No active Ultimate is used.

Innervation gives you a chance to get a resource on a lucky hit.

Alchemist's Fortune increases your lucky hit chance with nonphysical damage.

Key Passives

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

With your Key Passive Precision, you gain increased critical hit damage that stacks with Marksman Skill critical hits, your core skill, Penetrating Shot.

At maximum stacks, your next Marksman Skill is guaranteed to land a critical hit, dealing increased critical hit damage and removing all stacks of Precision.

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