Diablo 4 Season 2 Build - Sorcerer Firewall. In this post I would like to introduce you to my Wizard Build Firewall.

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Firewall is a skill that burns your opponents over time, dealing massive damage. In addition, you automatically create more Firewalls and Meteors via the Enchantments that rain down on your opponents.

This means that you have no problems with either bosses or groups of opponents.


Firewall - You have a 25% Lucky Hit chance that burning damage creates 2 Firewalls that last for 3 seconds.

Meteor - You have a Lucky Hit chance of 8% for a meteor to fall on your enemies.

Basic Skills

Your base skill, Fire Bolt, is just for starters, and you won't be using it in any way later.

Core Skills

You don't use any active core skills.

Potent Warding gives you resistance after using a skill that isn't a base skill, and you gain additional resistance to the type of skill you used.

Devastation increases your maximum mana,

Defensive Skills

As with almost every other wizard build, you use all active defensive skills.

Flame Shield makes you immune while increasing your movement speed. Also, you heal yourself.

With the ability Teleport, you can move quickly or escape from sticky situations. Teleporting to an enemy hit reduces the cooldown and grants you temporary damage reduction.

The Ice Armor gives you a barrier.

Frost Nova freezes all nearby enemies, reducing the cooldown for each enemy hit and leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds.

Glass Cannon increases your damage dealt, but at the cost of more damage taken.

Conjuration Skills

You don't use an active ability here.

Align the Elements gives you damage reduction against elite and bosses the longer you don't take damage from them.

Protection ensures that you gain a barrier for every cooldown you use.

Mana Shield gives you a few seconds of damage reduction every time you spend 100 mana.

Mastery Skills

Mastery Skills are your main source of damage.

Firewall burns your opponents over time.

When enemies are in the Firewall, they take more burn damage and continue to burn for a few seconds after leaving the area of effect.

You only use Meteor for your enchantment.

If it hits at least 3 targets, there is a chance that another meteor will hit.

In addition, the impact immobilizes opponents.

Icy Veil increases the duration of your barriers.

Inner flames cause your pyromania skills, i.e. your fire skills, to do increased damage as long as you are healthy, i.e. above 80% max HP.

Ultimate Skills

Your ultimate skill is Inferno.

This burns enemies in the targeted area and deals damage over time.

The skill pulls enemies to the center repeatedly, and your pyromania skills cost no mana for the duration.

Fiery Surge gives you increased mana regeneration for a few seconds after you kill a burning enemy.

Endless Pyre increases your burn damage the longer enemies burn.

Warmth heals you as a percentage for each nearby burning enemy.

Key Passives

Combustion is your Key Passive.

With this, your burn effects deal an additional percentage of damage for each unique source from which you burn your opponent.

If you have at least 3 unique sources, the damage bonus is doubled.

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