Diablo 4 Season 2 Build - Rogue Poison Flurry. Here you can find a Build Guild the Poison Flurry for the Rogue in Diablo 4.

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The Poison - Flurry hunter mainly uses melee skills and strengthens his Flurry with the specialization Combo Points as well as with poison and causes immense damage to all enemies in his vicinity.


The specialization here will be the Combo Points, making your base skills generate combo points that can be consumed by your core skills to power them up.

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Basic Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your base skill here will be Puncture.

The effort is enormously important for some reason.

You generate resource when you hit an enemy suffering from crowd control effects.

The ability itself slows enemies hit, causing re-use to generate your resource.

In addition, the ability causes the debuff vulnerable.

You also generate combo points with it, which you can then use up with Flurry to strengthen it.

Core Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your core skill, Flurry, will become your main source of damage, which you'll boost with combo points and poison.

When you hit enemies suffering from crowd control effects or from the Vulnerable debuff, you heal percentage and spread Vulnerable to all targets hit.

Sturdy increases your damage reduction from melee attacks.

Siphoning Strikes also heals you for a percentage when you critically hit enemies.

Agility Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

With your Shadow Step agility skill, you become unstoppable and instantly get behind the selected enemy and gain increased movement speed.

In addition, your critical hit chance is increased and Shadowstep's cooldown is reduced if the enemy hit hasn't already been a Shadowstep victim for a few seconds.

Weapon Mastery boosts your weapon types depending on what weapon you're playing with.

Subterfuge Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your Dark Shroud Subterfuge skill reduces your damage taken for each active shadow of the skill.

You gain a chance not to consume a shadow when taking damage and gain increased movement speed for each active shadow.

Poison Trap deals poison damage to nearby enemies, knocking them down and has a chance to reset your Imbuement cooldowns.

Exploit deals increased damage to healthy and injured enemies.

Malice increases damage against vulnerable enemies.

Imbuement Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

With Poison Imbuement, the next imbueable skills you should use for Flurry are empowered and deal additional poison damage over time.

Critical hits with the skill also deal increased poison damage.

Deadly Venom increases the poison damage you deal.

Enemies poisoned by Debilitating Toxins deal less damage.

Precision Imbuement increases your critical hit chance from skills with infusions.

Ultimate Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

You will not use an active ultimate here.

The only thing you use here is Trap Mastery.

This increases your critical hit chance when activating Poison Trap against vulnerable or crowd controlled enemies.

Key Passives

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your Key Passive will be Close Quarters Combat.

This increases your attack speed once by hitting a nearby enemy when you hit them with a Marksman Skill (Puncture) and again when you hit them with a Cutthroat Skill (Flurry).

With both bonuses active, enemies suffering from crowd control effects take additional damage.

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