Diablo 4 Season 2 Build - Necromancer Bone Spear. In this article I want to show you a build for the necromancer, the Bone Spear.

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With the Necromancer's Bone Spear, impale your enemies at range, pull them together with Corpse Vines, and explode them in a heap with Corpse Explosion and Bone Spear.

You don't actively use our Minions in this build, but renounce them to receive passive bonuses.

Skeleton Warrior

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Skeleton Mage

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/


Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

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Basic Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

You only use your Bone Splinters base skill as a filler when you don't have an essence to cast Bone Spear and there are no corpses nearby to cast Corpse Blast.

Core skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your Bone Spear core skill is your main source of damage here, and you'll always want to use it when you're at full Essence. The more Essence you have while casting Bone Spear, the better. I will explain more details to you during the individual talents.

Each use of Bone Spear leaves your opponents vulnerable.

Unliving Energy increases your maximum Essence you can have.

Imperfectly Balanced increases the damage of your core skills at the cost of increased Essence.

Hewed Flesh gives you a percentage chance to spawn corpses when you deal damage.

Corpse Skills & Macabre Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Blood Mist is your defensive skill that makes you immune, making you unstoppable.

Corpse Explosion allows you to explode the corpses created by your damage and vanquished enemies, dealing massive area damage.

You also deal more damage to wounded enemies with your Corpse Explosion.

Grim Harvest gives you Essence every time you consume a corpse, like with Corpse Explosion.

Fuled by Death also increases your damage dealt when consuming a corpse.

Curse Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

You don't actively use your curse skills.

The only thing you take with you here is Death's Embrace, which causes nearby enemies to take more damage from them and deal less damage to you.

Corpse Skills & Macabre Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

In your Corpse & Macabre skills, you use Corpse Tendrils to pull enemies together and hit them all at once with your other skills.

In addition, all opponents become Vulnerable.

Necrotic Carapace generates some fortify when you create a corpse.

Serration increases your critical hit chance the more essence you have when casting a bone skill.

Compound Fracture causes your next bone skill to deal increased damage once you get 10 critical hits.

Your bone skills deal increased critical damage to wounded enemies with Evulsion.

Ultimate Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Bone Storm will be your ultimate skill here.

This causes you to deal area damage, take less damage, and gain increased critical strike chance while Bone Storm is active.

Stand Alone increases your damage reduction the fewer active minions you have - in our case, you take maximum advantage of that.

Memento Mori increases passive sacrifice bonuses from sacrificing Skeleton Warriors and Skeletal Mages as long as you sacrifice both.

Key Passives

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Ossified Essence is your core passive skill.

With this, your bone skills deal increased damage as a percentage for each Essence you have over 50 when you cast a bone skill.

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