For the first time in the F1 game, supercars are part of the game. In this post you will learn how to unlock them and what the Pirelli Hot Laps are all about.

How Do You Unlock Supercars?

Each supercar costs one token, which you can unlock through one of three goals: Drive a certain number of miles in an F1 car, F2 car, or in a supercar.

Goals to unlock a Supercar Token in F1 22.
For a token you only have to achieve one of these three goals.

The goal you have reached increases for the next token. For example, the first goal is 40 miles in an F2 car, for the next token you need 70 miles in an F2 car.

It doesn't matter in which game mode you drive the distance needed for the goal. Every game mode counts, whether career, online, or time trial.

In order to drive certain supercars in time trial, you must first unlock them. But you don't necessarily have to play the Pirelli Hot Laps for this.

Pirelli Hot Laps

For the Pirelli hot laps, go to "Solo" in the main menu and then select it there. In total, this mode offers 40 challenges that you can complete in three difficulty levels for a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

The challenges take place on the tracks of the current race calendar and with the given supercar. You don't have to unlock this supercar beforehand for the Pirelli hot laps either.

There are a total of six different challenges to master:

  • Autocross
  • Average Speed Zone
  • Checkpoint Challenge
  • Drift
  • Rival Duel
  • Time Attack

Now let's go through all the game modes one by one.


Autocross in F1 22

In autocross you have to drive through a slalom course in a specific time. If you completely miss the gates, 10 penalty seconds will be added to your total time. By hitting the cone of the gate, you will recieve 5 penalty seconds added to your time.

Average Speed Zone

Here you drive a certain part of the track while your average speed is measured. You have three attempts and your highest average speed will result in your medal at the end.

Checkpoint Challenge

Checkpoint Challenge in F1 22

In this mode you race against the time. Checkpoints appear occasionally on the track, which credit you with extra time. But be careful: With every checkpoint passed, the time credited decreases.


Pirelli Hot Lap Drift in F1 22

Here, you collect points by drifting with your car. The more diagonally, faster and longer your car drifts, the more points you get. However, you have to be careful: If you drive off the track or you spin completely, you won't get any points for this drift.

Rival Duel

Rival Duel in F1 22

This duel puts you against an AI car to be the first to finish on a given section of track. There are three rounds: On the first lap you start in front of your opponent, in the second lap you start at the same height and in the third lap your opponent starts in front of you.

Time Attack

In Time Attack you drive two laps on a Grand Prix circuit as fast as possible. The better your overall time, the better your medal.

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