Quality of life mods are those that, to put it simply, improve your life while you play the game. Here you will find a collection of essential QoL mods.

They simplify annoying macro management in the game or just make routine processes faster. For many players these mods are essential, so I wrote this list to have the best QoL mods in one place. They can all be used together in order to have the ultimate RimWorld experience.


HugsLib is not directly a quality of life mod, however it is needed as a basis for a lot of other mods. HugsLib has to be second in the modlist, right under core. Mods can be ordered via drag & drop.

Color Coded Mood Bar

Depending on the mood, this mod shows the moodbar of your pawns in a different color. The color of the mood is green when your colonists are fine and when they are about to collapse, the moodbar is red.

Different colored mood bars of the colonists with the Mod Color Coded Mood Bar.
Gardner, Lynx und Stanley are finally getting some rest, after being close to a mental breakdown.

Defensive Positions

Individual positions can be granted to your pawns, which they can occupy while raids at the touch of a button. You can program up to four different positions per colonist.

Simple Stockpile Presets

As the name says, Simple Stockpile Presets adds presets for your stockpiles. This saves time when you set up a new fridge, material storage, armory and many more.


A very useful mod that allows to perform different treatments for wounded colonists, depending on how wounded they are. Because not every little cut needs Glitterworld medicine.


Allows to create and copy blueprints of a selected area in order to paste the exact same building elsewhere.

The modder Fluffy did this informative guide on YouTube for his mod.

RimWorld Search Agency

This mod adds a search function for stockpile settings, bills and outfits.

Export Agency

Allows you to export stockpile settings, bills and outfits. Then these settings can be imported to any other savegame.

Variable Population

The maximum number of pawns in your colony is determined by parameters in the game. With this mod you are able to change those parameters as you wish.

While You're Up

Colonists look out for items that need to be carried to a stockpile, while they are on their way to their actual job. While You're Up is a very useful tool that tries to reduce unnecessary routes.

Pick Up and Haul

Usually pawns can only carry one stack of blocks, one weapon or piece of clothing at once. This mod allows your colonists to use their inventory! This way they can carry a lot more to a stockpile or blueprint at once.

Share The Load

Allows several colonists at the same time to carry ressources to a blueprint.

Easy Speedup

Adds a fourth speed to the game. It can be activated by hitting the shortcut "4" on the keyboard or by clicking the icon in the right bottom corner of the screen.

Heat Map

An overlay that visualizes all room temperatures. Normal temperature (Green) is determined by the feel-good temperature of your colonists.

Room Sense

Room Sense shows all relevant stats of your rooms at first glance. This way you see, which room needs to be improved in which area.

Different rooms in RimWorld with statistics from the Mod Room Sense.
All rooms could be more spacious in order to improve the mood of our colonists.

More Planning

The planning tool in the game is very useful, however when you plan quite a lot with it, it can look very messy. With More Planning you are able to create and remove plans in differenct colors.

Food Alert

A simple mod that shows you how many days worth of food are left over in your storages.

Info box that tells you how many days the colony's food will last.
59 days in RimWorld are nearly a whole year.

Path Avoid

Path Avoid lets you select preferred and avoided paths for your colonists. This is very useful for maps with bugs in it.

Damage Indicators

This mod displays the taken damage while fights and explosions. This way it is easier to track, how much damage your weapons deal and how hard your pawns were hit.

Colonist shooting a wall. Damage numbers pop up on the wall.
Now you can see exactly, how much damage Gorar is causing while his mental breakdown.

Research Tree

Here you see, which research unlocks which items. The research overview is reworked and it is possible to queue several research projects at once.

Squad UI Tweaks

When a group of colonists is selected, the range of all ranged weapons is displayed.


Achtung! adds a lot of improvements to how your pawns move as a group and do tasks. More information about this mod will be found in the workshop.

This video impressively shows how a cave is filled up without the colonist getting stuck.

Search and Destroy

Adds some kind of combat mode, which lets your colonists fight everything what gets in their way. This is useful to avoid your pawns going in idle while raids.


If you want to use different groups of mods for different savegames, this mod will help you to manage your mods. Mods can be saved and loaded as a group.

TD Enhancement Pack

The TD Enhancement Pack offers small tweaks in various areas in order to make playing more enjoyable.

Overview of all settings of the Mod TD Enhancement Pack.
This is only a small fraction of the absolutely essential improvements by this mod. Game changer!

Better Workbench Management

Allows you to copy, paste, export and import bills in workbenches.

All of the listed mods above can be added and removed savely without destroying the savegame. The whole collection of QOL-mods can be found on Steam:

Quality of Life Mod Collection