The furnishing of the rooms in RimWorld affects the mood of your colonists. Five values determine whether a colonist receives a buff or even a debuff.

If your colonists spend their time in impressive rooms, it increases their mood. The following rooms can affect the mood of your colonists:

  • Bedroom/Barracks
  • Dining room
  • Rec room
  • Prison cell/Prison barracks

Since the bedroom can be assigned to individual colonists, the mood buff for the bedroom is permanent. Colonists can only get a mood buff from the other rooms by using them.

Impressive rooms give your colonists a high mood buff, which can prevent a breakdown in tough situations. If colonists are in a good mood for a longer period of time, they can get inspired, which enables them to produce items of a significantly better quality.

Depending on what room it is, other factors determine how impressive a room is. You can find out whether these factors are even important for a room using the room stats display.

Button for the room stats display in RimWorld

The decisive factors for any room are marked with an asterisk. Rooms such as the hospital, laboratory, or kitchen can not influence the mood of your colonists. However, the cleanliness has an important influence on working in these rooms. You will find out more about this under cleanliness.

Room stats display of the hospital in RimWorld
The important values for this room are marked with asterisks.

These four factors determine the impressiveness:

  1. Wealth
  2. Space
  3. Beauty
  4. Cleanliness

1. Wealth

This value is explained quite quickly. Every object in the room, but also every wall and flooring tile, has a value for wealth. These values add up to the wealth of the room.

Wealth Description
< 500 Impoverished
< 700 Somewhat poor
< 2.000 Mediocre
< 4.000 Somewhat rich
< 10.000 Rich
< 40.000 Luxurious
< 100.000 Very luxurious
< 1.000.000 Extremely luxurious
> 1.000.000 Unbelievably luxurious

2. Space

The free space in the rooms is an important factor so that the colonists do not feel cramped. The space is determined by the unoccupied tiles in the room. A large room with lots of furniture and sculptures would still have a bad value for space and would therefore make no sense.

Room size example (min. value) Space
2*2(<13) Cramped
4*4 (>13) Rather tight
6*6 (>29) Average-sized
8*8 (>55) Somewhat spacious
9*9 (>70) Quite spacious
12*12 (>130) Very spacious
19*19 (>350) Extremely spacious

3. Beauty

The value for the beauty of a room results from the average beauty of all objects in the room, including the material of the walls and the floor.

The beauty of an object results from its quality. Accordingly, items with "legendary" quality level have the best possible value for beauty.

You can find detailed information about quality and what other effects it has in this post:

RimWorld: Advanced Tips for Comfort and Quality
With high quality items and furniture, the colonists in RimWorld can do better work. In this post you will find out exactly how quality and comfort interact with each other.
Flooring Beauty
Gold tile 12
Silver tile 5
Carpet/Smoothed slate 2
Stone-/Steel tile 1
Rough slate -1

Wall material Beauty
Gold 20
Jade 10
Silver 6
Marble/Smoothed slate 1
All other processed stones 0
Rough slate -2

4. Cleanliness

While cleanliness is fundamentally important for the impressiveness of rooms, there are some rooms in which cleanliness plays a major role. In order to have maximum success with your colony, you should therefore equip the hospital, laboratory and kitchen with sterile tiles.

The cleanliness of these rooms affects the chance of successful operations, research speed and the chance of food poisoning from cooked meals.

The floor can be cleaned by a colonist, but the flooring itself also plays a crucial role. While a room with a normal flooring can be "clean" at maximum, you can also achieve "sterile" rooms with sterile tiles.

Flooring Cleanliness
Sterile tile 0,6 (Sterile)
Steel, Silver, Gold 0,2 (Clean)
All other floorings 0 (Clean)