Many players wonder how they can find ground up animal bones in Diablo 4 to make level 4 healing potions. You can find out in this post.


As of today, June 6th, Diablo 4 is finally playable for all players. It took a long time for Blizzard to release a worthy successor to the popular game. The rush is huge, and some players are now wondering how to upgrade their health potions to level 4. For this you need "Crushed Beast Bones" or ground animal bones.

In this little guide you will learn how to find Crushed Animal Bones.

From the game information (tooltips) we know that you get the animal bones by killing animals and beasts. Scosglen is teeming with these creatures. Spiders, Werewolves - all these NPCs can drop Ground Animal Bones.

drop chance

Since the drop chance is not guaranteed, it may take some time to get the desired number of animal bones.

farm area

A good area to collect Ground Animal Bones is north of Kyovashad.

I have marked another good farm area here:

In the area around Sarkova Pass, there are many enemies that drop the animal bones.

A recommended farm route is to take the road from Menestad and then turn left by the fields. Here is the "Frosty Mine Cellar", all around you will find many enemies that drop the Crushed Animal Bones.

There is also a monster that drops 5 Ground Bones ! You can find it here: (The Scar) this boss spawns here.

More information is available here:

The Scar
Diablo 4 interface to upgrade a health potion.
Ground Animal Bones in Diablo 4 - These are used to upgrade a healing potion. Own Screenshot Diablo 4 (Blizzard)

It's a good idea to find an effective route for yourself. If you have found such a route and are back at the beginning, log out and back in again. Then all enemies in the areas should respawn.

Health potion upgrade

The healing potions can be upgraded with the ground animal bones. To craft the healing potion, you need 20 Gallowvine, 10 Biteberry, 5 Crushed Animal Bones, and 470 Gold. In order to upgrade the healing potion, you must have reached level 30.


  • Farm in groups, get friends to farm together. The number of party members should increase the number of mobs.
  • Champions or Elite enemies have a higher chance of dropping the Ground Bones.