In this article I want to show you how to effectively farm the crafting materials Fiends Rose and Forgotten Soul in Helltides.


Helltides are special events that can randomly occur in various areas, lasting for a duration of one hour.

Once the hour is up, there will be a cooldown period of 75 minutes before another Helltide appears in a different random area, following the same one-hour duration pattern.

These unique occurrences hold within them are the key to obtaining Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses, which are crucial for crafting and maximizing the potential of your Legendary Gear.

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Forgotten Souls

The Forgotten Souls are in these Helltides and you need them for crafting your Legendary Gear if you want to max it out.

You also need them to enchant your equipment at the occultist.

Fiend Rose

Fiend Roses can rarely be found as a pickup plant in Helltides.

Also, like the Forgotten Souls, you can get them from mini-bosses or from the special crates in the Helltides.

You need the Fiend Roses to upgrade your potions at the alchemist

And for enchanting your gear at the Occultist.


One way to farm these materials is with Cinders.

These will have a chance of dropping from monsters in the Helltides.

When you have collected enough, you can open the special boxes in the Helltide and get both the Fiend Roses and the Forgotten Souls there.


The Strongholds are probably the best way to farm the Cinders, as they are considered an extra area in the Helltide and you are more likely to meet other players, and you can support each other to farm faster.

There is also a significantly higher chance of encountering mini-bosses that can drop several Abnormal Embers, Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses.

In order to make this whole farming method even better, you should farm in a group, since you can then agree on a uniform path and thus really none of the killed monsters and thus the dropped Cinder is lost.

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