Since mid-September the Sfgame forum is offline. As a result, many players are no longer provided with news about the browser game. In this post you will find out everything you need to know.

Since September 17th, the Shakes & Fidget forum is no longer available. Via Twitter, Playa Games informed the players that the Discord server will be used as a source of information in the meantime. There, staff members from Playa Games provide the players with updates.

You can join the Discord server for Shakes & Fidget here.

On September 17th, staff member "Leander" from Playa Games announced that some people had unauthorized access to the forums:

"...we had uninvited guests that defaced the forums." - Leander, Playa Games

The forums were immediately taken offline. The official statement further says:

"We cannot 100% exclude that email addresses, usernames and birth dates (if given) were stolen. The passwords are hashed and stored with an additional salt, which means they are very secure. As the forums are physically separated from the game, game worlds and payments they were not affected at any time." - Leander, Playa Games

If you have any question regarding this incident, you can contact Playa Games with this email address:

The forum is to be rebuilt, but that may still take a while.

Update from September 29, 2021

In another news on the Sfgame Discord server, Leander from Playa Games once again informs about the current state of the forums.

The forum is still offline, you can log in, but this login is only for employees of Playa Games and will not work for your account.

Update from October 8, 2021

The forum is online again! In another Discord update, the players were informed about the news. This forum, which looks like it was originally from 1995, is only being used as a temporary solution and also has some less features.

But that's enough to submit information! After all, it's back after a long break. A real, modern forum is apparently still being worked on in the background. When that one will be online is still unknown.