After W60 started yesterday with huge performance problems, everything seems to be running normally again. You can read all about the new server in this post.

W60, the last international game world in Shakes & Fidget, started yesterday at 4:00 p.m. But the rush was apparently so great that most of Friday night the players were not able to climb in the hall of fame.

Many players could not log in until late at night, and thus missed their thirst for adventure for Friday. You can also see that in the hall of fame: Despite many events, the players have remained far below the level expectations.

On Saturday morning the problem seems to have largely disappeared and the players can go back to questing.

In addition to this, the Hellevator, which can now be entered for ten days, also started on Friday. Also, there are a number of events running this weekend, for example you will receive more gold, experience, mushrooms and more materials in general.

Last International Game World

Additionally to the national servers (e.g. S43 in Germany), there have also been international game worlds (now INT #60) for years, which are intended for all players worldwide. So there was always a colorful mix of flags from all over the world in the hall of fame.

Now Playa Games has announced that they will no longer launch any more international game worlds, making W60 the last INT server.

In an email, the Shakes & Fidget team announced that the game worlds will be divided by continent from January. Thus, the performance of the game should be better for all players.

Tips For a Pleasant Start

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