A new international game world will be opened in less than one week. In order to participate there at the start with a few extra mushrooms, you can pre-register soon.

A new server was announced in the Sfgame forum. Next Friday, on March 4th, 2022 the game world starts as usual at 4 pm. It's an international game world, so again there will be a mixed bag of flags in the Hall of Fame.

Pre-registration From Monday

Players can pre-register for the new server from Monday. Pre-registration has several advantages for you:

When the server starts, you don't have to wait for your validation email because you've already validated your account. When the server starts, the servers will certainly be slow again, which means that you would have to wait a long time for your email on Friday.

In addition, you won't get 10 mushrooms for pre-registration, but 25 mushrooms extra for your character. Since the registration phase for the speed server, there have been extra mushrooms for pre-registered players and Playa Games is sticking to this here. This allows you to start at level 1 with 40 mushrooms.

Pre-registration for the new server for extra mushrooms in Shakes and Fidget.
You can pre-register for the new server under the server URL or in the Steam app.

Tips For a Pleasant Start

In our beginner's guide for Shakes & Fidget you can read in advance which classes are available and what you should definitely do at the beginning:

Shakes & Fidget: Beginners Guide (Level 1-110)
From the question of which class to choose, to monstrous dungeons in the pyramids of madness. In this guide you will be walked through until level 110 for a pleasant introduction to Shakes & Fidget.