In addition to the common pets that can be found every week on certain days, the game also includes a number of pets that are only available at specific dates. In this post you can find out when you can find these rare pets in 2020.

The pets in Shakes & Fidget have certain conditions to find them, which vary depending on the pet:

  • Quest Area (There are 21 Quest Areas in the game)
  • Day of the Week (Monday-Sunday)
  • Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Day (6:00-17:59) / Night (18:00-5:59)
  • Events (XP-, Gold-, Epic-, Forest Rarities-Event)

In the following table you will find a list of the nine pets that only appear in defined periods:

Pet-Icon Name of Pet Condition Time Span
(Shadow #15)
Halloween while Mushroom Discount 1st Oct. 2020 -
31th Oct. 2020
(Shadow #18)
Friday the 13th 13th Mar. 2020 /
13th Nov. 2020
(Light #16)
December 1st Dec. 2020 -
31th Dec. 2020
(Light #17)
April Fools' Day 1st Apr. 2020
(Earth #15)
Easter 10th Apr. 2020 -
13th Apr. 2020
(Earth #16)
Whitsun 30th May 2020 -
1st Jun. 2020
(Fire #17)
Valentine's Day 14th Feb. 2020
(Fire #18)
New Year's Eve and Day 31th Dec. 2020 /
1st Jan. 2021
(Water #17)
Birthday Event 26th Jun. 2020 -
28th Jun. 2020

If you miss these opportunities, you actually have to wait a whole year to have another chance to find them.