In addition to the common pets that can be found every week on certain days, the game also includes a number of pets that are only available at specific dates. In this post you can find out when you can find these rare pets in this year.

The pets in Shakes & Fidget have certain conditions to find them, which vary depending on the pet:

  • Quest Area (There are 21 Quest Areas in the game)
  • Day of the Week (Monday-Sunday)
  • Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Day (6:00-17:59) / Night (18:00-5:59)
  • Events (XP-, Gold-, Epic-, Forest Rarities-Event)

In the following table you will find a list of the nine pets that only appear in defined periods:

Pet-Icon Name of Pet Condition Time Span
(Shadow #15)
Halloween while Mushroom Discount 1st Oct. 2021 -
31th Oct. 2021
(Shadow #18)
Friday the 13th 13th Aug. 2021
(Light #16)
December 1st Dec. 2021 -
31th Dec. 2021
(Light #17)
April Fools' Day 1st Apr. 2021
(Earth #15)
Easter 2nd Apr. 2021 -
5th Apr. 2021
(Earth #16)
Whitsun 21th May 2021 -
24th May 2021
(Fire #17)
Valentine's Day 14th Feb. 2021
(Fire #18)
New Year's Eve and Day 1st Jan. 2021 /
31th Dec. 2021
(Water #17)
Birthday Event 25th Jun. 2021 -
27th Jun. 2021

If you miss these opportunities, you actually have to wait a whole year to have another chance to find them.