The achievements in Shakes & Fidget grant big bonuses to the attributes if you know how to get them. Here you get to know the tricks so that you can get to all achievements as quickly as possible.

On May 24, 2017 the browser game Shakes & Fidget has said goodbye to the eight medals so far. These were replaced by achievements, which can now be viewed in the scrapbook (to be found in the magic shop from level 10). The best tips to unlock all achievements are described in this post.

The old medals were awarded quite passively, by simply progressing in the game, they were upgraded until a maximum of +12 skill points on all attributes (so +96 on all attributes at maximum). The bonus for achievements can still be partially achieved passively, but for others you have to actively do something to dust off the bonuses. For each achievment unlocked the character is awarded +5 skill points on all attributes. With this and many other changes to the game, some dungeons should be much easier to clear.

The Achievements

Page one of the Shakes and Fidget achievements
This is how you want to see it: The first page of the achievements is already completely unlocked.

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Finally 18

Reach level 18


Visit all locations in one day

Hint: Each quest in the tavern takes place in a specific area.

Globetrotter Achievement Checklist Create a copy to use this spreadsheet.,Um diese Tabelle zu nutzen, musst du eine Kopie erstellen.EN,DEGlobetrotter Achievement Checklist,Weltenbummler Achievement ChecklisteLocation,Visited today?,Gebiet,Heute besucht?Black Forest,ErogenionBlack Water Swamp,FangzahngebirgeBuste...
You can tick off all places of the quests with the number13 checklist. Save a copy of the document so that you can use it for yourself.

There are 21 areas in total:

  • Black Forest
  • Black Water Swamp
  • Busted Lands
  • Erogenion
  • Evernight Forest
  • Flooded Caldwell
  • Gnarogrim
  • Maerwynn
  • Magmaron
  • Moldy Forest
  • Nevermoor
  • Northrunt
  • Plains of Oz'Korr
  • Rotten Lands
  • Shadowrock Mountain
  • Skull Island
  • Split Canyon
  • Sprawling Jungle
  • Sunburn Desert
  • Stumble Steppe
  • Tusk Mountain

Dragon Rider

Dragon Griffin or Griffin Dragon mount


24 hours without equipment

Hint: At the beginning you do not have many items, so you can put them in your backpack more easily. You should be able to win the level 10 quests without a weapon.

Ri-off Rip-off

Beat the Gambler 3 times in a row

Hint: Spend as much gold as possible in advance and then always set the minimum amount. Which hat you choose does not matter. Whether you win is pure luck.

Heavy Spinner

Spin the Wheel 20 times in one day

Hint: You can not only spin for a mushroom, but also for 10 lucky coins. So you need a total of 190 lucky coins, because the first time spinning per day is free.

Square Eyes

Collect 1,000 Lucky Coins

Hint: You can get lucky coins by watching videos in the tube.

Lucky Fellow

Find 100 mushrooms on quests


Raid 100 fortresses


Win 10 arena fights in one day

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Song of the Blacksmith

Hoard 10,000 arcane resources

Hint: Crystals are gained by dismantling items at the blacksmith. You unlock the blacksmith with level 90. For Epics you get a lot of crystals.

Sky is the Limit

Improve an item 10 times


Mine 100 things

Hint: Until level ~ 150, keep the mine at level 1. This way, the time of the gem search is significantly shortened.

Collecting Mania

Scrapbook 90% complete


Play for 1 year

For Seven Days

Play 7 days in a row

Always On

Play 30 days in a row


Be actively involved in a guild for 10 days

Hint: It only counts to participate in guild fights and to fight against the demon portal. Donations do not count!

Elite Guild

Reach 5,000 Guild Honor

Hint: On older servers, just ask a guild with more than 5,000 honor if they are still looking for players.

Big Spender

Spend 10 mushrooms on personal guild skill

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Reach level 100


Reach level 200

Tip of the Iceberg

Reach level 300


Reach level 400

Epic Superhero

Reach level 500


Gems in all equipped items

Black Gold

Wear 9 items with black gems

Hint: Black gems can only be found once a player in the guild has the knights hall at level 15. The chance to find them also depends on the knight's hall total levels in the guild.


Wear 6 items of the same set

Hint: Here you can check, which items form a set.

Epic Purist

Have only epics equipped

Hint: Warriors and Assassins must carry one Epic less than Mages, Scouts and Battle Mages for this achievement, because they also have one more item slot.

Epic Companions

Equip companions with epics only

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Alter Ego

Complete Magic Mirror

Hint: Mirror shards can be found from level 50 at tavern quests.


Wear only enchanted items

Hint: Enchantments can be purchased from the witch. She can be found by clicking on the inconspicuous book in the bookshelf at the magic shop.


Buy mushrooms from the dealer

Urgent Need

Find the Toilet Key

Hint: From level 100, WC keys can drop at quests. Keys can be hoarded and yet found again. Worth a consideration, since it is 25,000 gold selling price per key.

Shadow World Cruise

Defeat the first enemy in Shadow World

Hint: The key to the Shadow World is found at level 125 in the gem mine.

Pet Lover

Find the pet nest

Hint: From level 75, the pet nest can be found at quests in the tavern.

Pat Fattening

Feed pets 15 times in one day

Hint: The fact that the fruits are no longer stored in the inventory, this achievement should be much easier to unlock. Now you can save three fruits per element within five days and then feed everything at once.

Animal Trainer

Upgrade a pet to level 100

Hint: How to level the pets and which one to bring first to level 100, you will learn here.

Petshop Boy

Reach 5,000 Pet Honor


Find all pets

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Clear the Tower

Boss of Easteros

Clear Easteros (dungeon 14)

Dark Wanderer

Clear Demon Portal (single player)

Shadow Player

Clear Shadow World

Twister Tamer

Clear the Twister


Backpack fully upgraded and full

King of Kings

Reach 5,000 Fortress Honor

The Count

Upgrade all fortress buildings to level 15

The King

Fully upgrade all fortress buildings

Collect 'Em All

Collect all 49 previous achievements

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Upgrade all Underworld buildings to level 15

Big City

Upgrade all Underworld buildings to level 10

Small City

Upgrade all Underworld buildings to level 5

Gold Storage

25 million Gold mined

Soul Storage

25 million Souls reaped

Slaughterer of the Best

Defeat rank 1 in your Underworld

Top 100 Topper

Defeat a top 100 hero in your Underworld

Top 1000 Topper

Defeat a top 1000 hero in your Underworld

Horror of Heroes

Defeat 1000 heroes in your Underworld


25 quests with 1 click thanks to Adventuromatic

Hint: For 25 quests you have to save 200 thirst for adventure in the adventuromatic.

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Academic Orders

Clear the School of Magic Express (Shadow)

Good vs. Evil

Clear the Ash Mountain (Shadow)

Commentary Cracker

Clear the Continuoes Loop of Idols

Hint: The continuoes loop of idols is a dungeon where you have to compete against the images of well-known YouTubers.


Behead the Hydra with the decisive blow

Hint: The Hydra is the opponent of the pet of your guild.

Deep Mining Master

Upgrade Mine and Gold Pit to level 50

Special Agent

Complete 100 Daily Missions

Hint: Daily Missions can be found in the tavern to the right of the gambler pinned to the wall with a sword.

Shakes & Fidget: All Quests of the Confidential Secret Mission of the Day
From level 10 you will receive a daily quest every day at midnight. In this post you will find an overview of all possible daily quests.

St. Nicholas

Unequip shoes and in inventory on December 6, 0:01

Reinvent the Wheel

Find the enhanced Wheel of Fortune

Hint: The enhanced Wheel of Fortune can be found at quests from level 95.

Second Screen

Play on different devices

Hint: You have to at least once logged in on different platforms, for example, with the smartphone app, the Steam application, through the browser and so on.

Day X

We'll let you know when the time has come.

Hint: This Achievement can be unlocked in various ways. The problem with that is, that you do not know exactly what you have to do for it.
Here are some examples of how players got this achievement:

  • Click New Goods in the weapon shop
  • Change the game language
  • Spin the wheel of fortune 20 times
  • Level up main attribute
  • Start a city guard shift
  • Finish quest

These are just examples. If one of these actions actually unlocks the achievement for you, can not be said with certainty.

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Rune Millionaire

Collect 1 Million Runes in the Arena Manager

Runes, runes, runes

Collect 1 Trillion Runes in the Arena Manager


Collect 1 Quintillion Runes in the Arena Manager

Stinking rich

Collect 1 Septillion Runes in the Arena Manager

Rune Master

Collect 1 Decillion Runes in the Arena Manager

Rune Emperor

Collect 10 Novemquadragintillion Runes in the Arena Manager

Arena Manager

Upgrade all attractions of the Arena Manager to level 25

Hint: For a complete overview of the Arena Manager, check out our guide.


Find the Holy Grail

Hint: The Holy Grail can be found from level 85. More information here.


Defeat the Nordic Gods


Defeat the Nordic Gods (Shadow)

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Climb Mount Olympus in Light World

Hint: The key for this dungeon can be found from level 200 in the mine of your fortress.


Climb Mount Olympus in Shadow World

Hint: The key for the shadow version of the Mount Olympus can be found from level 300 in the mine of your fortress.

Door Opener

Open door #20 of the daily login calendar in December

Five of a Kind

Roll 5x the same icon at the gambler

Hint: To unlock the game of dice, you have to activate the pet nest (level 75) and unlock the tower (clear dungeons 1-9).

Capacious Pockets

Unlock all 50 inventory slots

Hint: To unlock additionial inventory slots, you have to upgrade the treasury in your fortress. For every level you gain one slot.

Birth of a Legend

Find your first legendary item

Hint: For one legendary item you must complete a full run of the legendary dungeon.

Shakes & Fidget: Legendary Dungeon at the Halloween Event
For Halloween the players of Sfgame not only get all events at the same time, but also a unique dungeon with new items!

Living Legend

Have 10 legendary items in the scrapbook

Second Wardrobe

Fully equip your mannequin

Hint: From level 105 you unlock the arena manager, then you must collect 1.000 runes before the "mannequin" can appear in the weapon shop.


Increase an attribute to 100 (base value)

A Thousand Points Plan

Increase an attribute to 1.000 (base value)

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Ten Grand

Increase an attribute to 10.000 (base value)

Tavern Brawler

Clear the Tavern of the Dark Doppelgangers in Light World

Closing Time

Clear the Tavern of the Dark Doppelgangers in Shadow World

Dragon Adept

Clear Dragon's Hoard in Light World

Chaser of Dragons

Clear Dragon's Hoard in Shadow World

Bright Ghost Hunter

Clear House of Horrors in Light World

Dark Ghost Hunter

Clear House of Horrors in Shadow World

League of Incompetence

Clear 3rd League of Superheroes in Light World

League of Vindictiveness

Clear 3rd League of Superheroes in Shadow World

Ying Dojo Master

Clear Dojo of Childhood Heroes in Light World

Page 21

Yang Dojo Master

Clear Dojo of Childhood Heroes in Shadow World

Understander of Giants

Clear Monster Grotto in Light World

Tamer of Giants

Clear Monster Grotto in Shadow World