In this post I want to show you a build of the character Generalist, with which you can play through the game very well.

The positive characteristics of the generalist is that he gets +2 melee damage per 1 ranged damage and +1 ranged damage per 2 melee damage.

This bonus is fair since the level-up rewards from melee damage are double those from the other ranged and engineering damage bonuses.

The negative trait of the generalist is that he can only equip 3 melee weapons and 3 ranged weapons at a time.

So the equipment slots are "locked" if you try to buy a 4th weapon at a time and instead it will directly upgrade the weapon to the next higher tier as soon as you buy the same weapon of the same quality.

Since you benefit from both melee and ranged attacks with this character, it is highly recommended to start with the slingshot, then get a total of 3 of them, and of course always upgrade them.

At the same time, you get 3 cacti clubs, which summon several projectiles with each hit, which then also deal damage depending on the ranged damage.

So you are perfectly equipped for long-range and close combat and can fully concentrate on the two damage types as well as % damage and attack speed.

Definitely get some life drain, health regen, and armor defensively.

Range is also a very interesting value for this character, because on the one hand you can attack the opponents with the slingshot from a further distance and you don't have to get so extremely close to the opponents with the cacti club and then in turn be able to trigger the projectiles of the blows.

Try to find a balance between melee damage and ranged damage (ratio 2:1, as explained in the traits) to get the most out of both weapons.

If you stick to these guidelines, you should have a very comfortable run and defeat the final boss with ease.

As a reward for the completed run, you unlock the Big Arms item, which is perfect for the generalist for a new run, possibly on increased difficulty.

Guide for all Achievements

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