In this post I want to show you a build of the character Ranger, with which you can play through the game very well.

The ranged fighter has the positive properties of +50 range, he starts with a pistol and gets +50% increased ranged damage modifiers, which of course, as the name suggests, requires a specialization in ranged weapons.

With the ranged's maximum HP modifiers reduced by 25%, this is something to focus on a bit more as it makes you a bit more prone to nasty one-shots.

Start the run with an extra pistol so you get better wave control as it has an extra punch.
Try to get more pistols in the shop as quickly as possible and also get an MP pistol, which, thanks to its fast attack speed, ensures that the life drain value is triggered more often and you regenerate HP a bit quickly as soon as it does a hit of the opponent should come.

In addition, you should get a shredder, which provides a lot of control with its explosions, especially in opposing groups
The extra range, both through the character and through the weapon bonus, is also very noticeable because you can already attack the opponents, who have ranged attacks themselves, before they do it.

In particular, focus on the Ranged Damage, % Damage, % Attack Speed, and % Crit Chance stats so you don't get overwhelmed by the waves.
For defense, get enough Max HP and Armor between 10 and 15 to withstand a few enemy attacks and about 10% life drain so that, as already mentioned, you can quickly heal up again with the MP pistol. A bit of speed doesn't hurt either, as it also allows you to better drag enemies behind you without them reaching you.

Beware of the charging enemies in particular, as they will do good damage to you and can end your run very quickly.

What can also be very useful are items that increase your penetration damage or even provide more penetration.

If you follow all the tips and have a bit of luck with weapons and items, the run should be easy and you will unlock the following item: