Diablo 4 Season 2 Build - Sorcerer Arc Lash. In this post, I'd like to explain my Sorcerer Build Arc Lash in a little more detail.

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The Arc Lash is a melee attack that's rather unusual for the caster class, as you have to be right next to enemies to deal damage.


Arc Lash - Stun opponents on use of a cooldown

Fire Bolt - Set enemies on fire with each attack

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Basic Skills

The advantage is that you can maximize your main source of damage right from the start.

You will not actively use the Fire Bolt, which we already give a point to here, but from level 15 for your enchantment.

With this you set your opponents on fire with every attack, and we can make use of other talents.

Core Skills

In this build we will not invest a point in the core skills as the damage will be purely focused on the base skill Arc Lash.

Defensive Skills

This is where numerous skill points go.

The Flame Shield for a panic button that makes you invulnerable, you get more movement speed during the duration and also heals you for missing HP.

Teleport to reduce distance to enemies or just to move faster and also for damage reduction.

Frost Shield for a shield that can freeze enemies if they hit you, which is used for appropriate damage bonuses.

Frost Nova to stop opponents from attacking by freezing them and applying the Vulnerable debuff.

In addition, the passive talents Glass Cannon for more damage and Elemental Attunement for a Chance to reset the Cooldowns of your defensive Skills.

Conjuration Skills

You don't actively use any skills here, only the passive talents to further increase your lucky hit chance.

Align the Elements to get damage reduction from elite and bosses and Protection to get a shield for every cooldown you use.

Mastery Skills

With these skills, only the passive talents are interesting again.

Devouring Blaze gives you increased critical hit damage against enemies that are burning, which the Fire Bolt enchantment will make every enemy do.

Also, this damage bonus increases on stunned enemies, which is something you'll get very often from the Arc Lash.

Static Discharge has a chance to generate Crackling Energy on critical hits.

Shocking Impact deals damage to enemies around you when you stun them, which, as mentioned, will happen very often.

Ultimate Skills

Unstable Current is your ultimate skill with a very high cooldown.

Use this when there are a lot of enemies or you are facing a boss.

Unstable Current's passive skills cause you to attack faster, giving the skill even more benefit.

In addition, you do not consume any charges of Crackling Energy.

Coursing Currents causes your critical hit chance to keep increasing until you score a critical hit.

Electrocution enemies to deal less damage to you.

Conduction increases your movement speed.

Convulsions gives you a chance to stun enemies.

Key Passives

Your Key Passive causes nearby enemies to take extra damage and deal less damage to you.

Critical hits further increase these bonuses.

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