The legendary dungeon is back in December! New legendary items, bosses and mechanics in the dungeon.

The snow-covered landscape in the city is now decorated by a large Christmas tree. Click on the tree to enter the legendary dungeon, which takes place from 18.-27. December.

The basic mechanics of the dungeon have remained the same, even if there are some new features:

  • New rooms, traps and puzzles
  • New legendary items
  • New dungeon opponents
Legendary Dungeon for the Christmas Event in Shakes and Fidget

This "Lord of the Things" dungeon is of course related to Lord of the Rings. This theme has already been used in the shadow dungeon "Hemorridor". As before, you have one attempt per day to make as much progress as possible in the dungeon.

When you successfully defeat the dungeon, one of the legendary items drops. These legendaries are even better than epic items, however they don't count towards your scrapbook - so you don't have to worry if you can't find them all within ten days.

Playa Games first launched the legendary dungeon for Halloween. You can find all the necessary information about how the dungeon works here:

Shakes & Fidget: Legendary Dungeon at the Halloween Event
For Halloween the players of Sfgame not only get all events at the same time, but also a unique dungeon with new items!