For the Shakes & Fidget winter update not only the Arena Manager was included in the Achievements, another Achievement has made hints to an advent calendar.

From the first of December, the advent calendar is hanging in the tavern next to the gambler. There you can pick up small gifts daily.

The Shakes & Fidget advent calendar is probably the most unique of its kind: Instead of 24, there are only 20 doors to open.

But beware: Only one door can be opened per day. So if you do not start on time, December is over quickly and the expected surprise at number 20 will be missed.

If you open all the doors, you can also dust off the new achievement, which gives you another +5 on all attributes.

What's behind the door?

1 +5 Constitution
2 10 Mushrooms
3 +5 Dexterity
4 Potion of Eternal Life