From the question of which class to choose, to monstrous dungeons in the pyramids of madness. In this guide you will be walked through until level 110 for a pleasant introduction to Shakes & Fidget.

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Character Selection

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When creating a character, you can choose one of seven classes:

Main Attribute Ability Damage Hit Points
Warrior Strength Shield Block 1 2,5
Mage Intelligence - 2,25 1
Scout Dexterity Evade 1,25 2
Assassin Dexterity Double Attack 1 (2x) 2
Battle Mage Strength Fireball 1 2,5
Berserker Strength Rage Attack 1 2
Demonhunter Dexterity Revive 1,25 2
Druid Intelligence Bear/Cat Mask 1/1,25 2,5/2

As you can see, the classes differ in their abilities, but they are all about equally good in terms of game balance. After choosing a class, you also have to decide for a race, but that only adds a few attribute points.

The race can also be changed by editing your avatar later in the game. So if these few extra attribute points actually matter to you, you can still adapt the race to your class.

Level 1

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Until level 10, it is quickly explained what to do. After you have created your account, you first validate your email to receive 10 extra mushrooms. You now have a total of 25 mushrooms, of which you then lease the dragon as a mount.

Right at the beginning there are different ways to get XP (before quests). On the one hand you get XP for the first 10 arena battles won, at the same time it is also possible to win XP at the wheel of fortune. You should take advantage of these opportunities before starting with quests to maximize your XP. Once you start with quests, make sure to always select the quest with the highest XP/time ratio. This is the fastest way to progress.

Before level ten, you also save up 25 gold, that is how much the scrapbook later costs in the magic shop. It is important that the magic shop is not visited during this time. This way, the scrapbook can appear with a certain chance without the use of mushrooms.

Level 10: Scrapbook and Dungeon #1

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As soon as you reach level ten, you pause the quests for the time being. Now it's time to start filling the scrapbook.

The items in the shops are only generated when you click on them for the first time. If you do this with level 1, only level 1 items are available in the shop. If you click the magic shop for the first time at level 10, the scrapbook can be offered immediately. If not, it should only cost a few mushrooms until it is finally available.

All defeated opponents including their equipment are added to the scrapbook. In order to fill the scrapbook as quickly as possible, you should look for opponents who are easy to defeat and have filled almost all item slots.

In addition to the items, there are also some achievements in the scrapbook. While some of them can be done right from the start, others can take months to unlock. I can recommend two guides for the achievements:

Shakes & Fidget: 9 Achievements that you can do right off the bat
In order to get a head start on a new server, it is important to fill your scrapbook from day one. You can complete these 9 achievements on the first day of the server and dust off the bonuses.
A list of nine achievements that are particularly easy to get at the beginning.
Shakes & Fidget: All 80 Achievements - Guide
The achievements in Shakes & Fidget grant big bonuses to the attributes if you know how to get them. Here you get to know the tricks so that you can get to all achievements as quickly as possible.
All achievements including tips on how best to get them.

From level 10 it is also possible to send messages. Use this to ask a strong guild whether they still have an open spot for you. Guilds give big bonuses to gold and experience through adventures.

Finally, the first dungeon key can also be found from level 10 during a quest. In the dungeons you will be confronted with much tougher monsters, at the same time the reward of gold and experience is significantly higher. The reward in the dungeons can also include epic items. These are usually much stronger than those you can get in the shops.

The dungeons are discussed separately in this post. An overview of the level requirements up to level 110 can be found under Dungeons.

Level 25: Fortress

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At level 25, the construction of the fortress can be started. The main building is built for 100 gold. All other structures start from there.

High level fortress in Shakes and Fidget
Almost a small city: The fortress in Shakes & Fidget.

The fortress works kind of like a Clash of Clans mini-game, with resource buildings being pulled up that are needed for further expansion. Ultimately, the fortress gives you additional backpack slots, experience points and access to the gems.

Items with sockets are available from level 25 onwards. Gems are gathered in the mine of your fortress and then put into these sockets. This gives your character huge bonuses on his attributes.

You can find a detailed guide about the fortress in this blog post:

Shakes & Fidget: Fortress Guide
With level 25, the player unlocks the fortress - this allows you to mine powerful gems, that can be placed in the sockets of all items. Gems give the character valuable bonuses on all attributes, which are hugely important for fights in the arena and dungeons.
Overview of all buildings of the fortress and their function explained.

Level 50: The Magic Mirror

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During adventures you cannot fight in dungeons or in the arena. After all, you can't split yourself up. However, the magic mirror helps to solve this problem.

From level 50, mirror shards can now drop while quests, which when put together result in the magic mirror. So you can go on an adventure while your mirror image faces the dungeon monsters or arena opponents. The mirror consists of 13 shards (coincidence?) that have to be found and dragged onto your avatar. It can take up to level 70-75 to collect them all.

Magic mirror shards of a mage character in Shakes and Fidget
Some mirror shards have already been found by this character.

After that, it is much more pleasant to progress with the scrapbook, since you don't have to wait for the quests to finish. You can also earn more gold, because the same applies to the city guard: While your character is on guard, the mirror image can fight in the arena or dungeons.

Level 66: The Witch

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From level 66, the "inconspicuous book" can be clicked in the magic shop, which leads to the witch and her cauldron. Every day the witch asks you to throw the desired type of items into the cauldron. As a reward, you get double of the regular selling price and the scroll development goes a little further.

Witch and her cauldron with all unlocked scrolls in Shakes and Fidget
The witch enables you to enchant your items.

In her cauldron, the witch creates formulas for enchantments that can be applied to your equipment. With this feature, the whole server is in demand, because every player can help to complete the enchantments faster.

The first enchantment is only available when 100% of the ingredients have been collected. There are a total of 9 enchantments and it can take 2-3 months for all to be unlocked on a new server. Which enchantment ultimately comes first depends on chance.

Overview of Enchantments
Item Bonus
Hat +10% XP from adventures
Breastplate +50% chance to find mushrooms
Gloves +1 reaction score
Boots -30 seconds travel time
Amulet +10% chance to find items while quests
Belt 1 free extra beer per day
Ring +10% gold from adventures
Talisman +20% gold from arena fights
Weapon +5% critical hit damage

A few more notes about the enchantments:

The reaction score of the gloves relates to who will start the fight. Usually it is diced who will hit first. However, if a player has this enchantment, he also starts the fight because he has the higher reaction score. If both players have this enchantment (e.g. in the arena), it will be diced again. This leads to an advantage especially in the dungeons, since the opponent will always have a lower reaction score.

The shorter travel time of the shoes does not refer to the thirst for adventure spent, but to the actual quest duration. If you take a 10-minute quest as an example, the quest duration with this enchantment will only be 9:30 minutes. However, 10 thirst-points are still being subtracted.

Since the major update 4.0, 10 fruits of one type can now be thrown into the cauldron to brew large potions (+25%). The attribute of the potion depends on the type of fruit. You can find out which type of fruit belongs to which attribute in the following section about pets. This new function is especially helpful for players who immediately need potions, or for players who already have all pets of a habitat at level 200 and would therefore no longer have any use for fruits.

Level 75: Pets

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At level 75, a nest full of eggs can be found during quests. You can then get to your pets via the stable. There they can be fed and pet fights can be carried out. There are five pet habitats in total:

  • Shadow - Fruit: Blackberry (Bonus on Constitution)
  • Light - Fruit: Lemon (Bonus on Dexterity)
  • Earth - Fruit: Apple (Bonus on Intelligence)
  • Fire - Fruit: Strawberry (Bonus on Luck)
  • Water - Fruit: Plum (Bonus on Strength)

For each pet of a specific habitat found, you receive a pack bonus of 1% on the corresponding attribute. So if you have 5 pets of the water habitat, your character gets a 5% bonus to the strength attribute.

As soon as a pet level reaches level 100, the character receives another 0,5% bonus on the corresponding attribute. This increases further to 1% at the maximum level 200.

To unlock the pets, the corresponding pet must first be defeated in the habitat. This pet's egg can then be found during a quest. Each pet has certain conditions that must be met (time of day, day of the week, season, quest area, etc.). You can also see the conditions if you move the mouse over a locked pet.

Overview of all water pets in Shakes and Fidget and how to unlock Cannoturtle
The requirements for the pets are shown in the pet overview.

Various fruits can be found during quests, with which the pets are fed and improved. If you win habitat battles, you will get a fruit of the habitat aswell.

You can also have up to five pet fights a day against other players' pets. The reward for winning a fight is also a fruit. Up to three fruits can be fed to a pet per day.

In another post about Shakes & Fidget you will find the optimal strategy for feeding your pets efficiently:

Shakes & Fidget: Ultimate Pet-Guide
Since the initial release of pets, a lot has changed in Shakes & Fidget. Here you will learn everything you need to know to level your pets even faster!
For all five habitats, you will find the fastest way to unlock your pets in this post.

Level 85: The Holy Grail

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The holy grail makes filling up the scrapbook much easier for you. The grail can be found in the gem mine from level 85, instead of a gem.

If you activate the Grail, missing items from the scrapbook will now be highlighted. This affects the items in the shops, as well as the items of all characters in the hall of fame.

This video explains the functionality of the Holy Grail.

Level 90: The Blacksmith

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As soon as the character reaches level 90, he gets access to the blacksmith. You can get to it by clicking on the obscure pommel in the weapon shop. The blacksmith offers the following services:

  • Provide items with a socket
  • Remove gem from the socket
  • Improve attributes of items
  • Dismantling items for resource extraction
  • Change the look of epic items
  • Swap rune bonus of two items
Blacksmith in Shakes and Fidget
The blacksmith improves your items in exchange for metal and arcane resources.

In order to use the blacksmith, some items must first be dismantled. Up to five items per day can be dismantled into their components. You will be credited with metal and arcane resources. Normal items give a lot of metal, while epic items bring a balanced mix of metal and arcane resources.

These resources can now be used to upgrade your items. An item can carry up to twenty upgrades, with each additional upgrade becoming more expensive. When an item with upgrades is sold, the player receives back all invested resources.

Level 99: The Demon Portal

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As soon as you reach level 99, you can also enter the demon portal in addition to the usual dungeons. Here you will face an overwhelming opponent whom you can only fight once per day.

The damage done to the opponent is remained. However, the monster regenerates 10% of its hit points every day at midnight. If you are actually able to defeat your opponent, you will receive 1% bonus hit points for your character. A total of 50 enemies are hidden behind the portal, which corresponds to a total hit points bonus of 50%.

From level 99, the guild's demon portal will also open for you. Here you can fight against even stronger opponents. As with the dungeon demon portal, the opponent regenerates 10% of his health every day. If you defeat the opponent, the entire guild receives a damage bonus of 1%. This bonus also increases to a maximum of 50%.

Level 100: The Toilet of the Arcane Gods

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From level 100 it is possible to find the key to the toilet during a quest. An item can be thrown into the toilet every day to fill up the mana tank a little further. Depending on which item is thrown into the tank, it fills up faster:

  • 50 mana: epic item
  • 30 mana: gem
  • 25 mana: normal item
  • 10 mana: potion

When the tank is finally full, the toilet can be flushed. This increases the aura by one level and the gods grant you a (possibly epic) item.

Each level of the aura increases the quality of the items in the shops by 1, at the same time a little more mana is required for the next flush.

Level 105: Arena Manager

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At level 105, clicking on the coin in the arena leads to the arena manager. Here you are no longer the gladiator in the ring, but the manager of your own arena. This mini-game is about increasing the arena's income by expanding the seats and offers of the arena.

Low level arena manager in Shakes and Fidget
With the Arena Manager you can get much stronger items.

Once enough revenue is earned, the entire arena can be sacrificed for a few runes, and the game starts over. However, this time a little faster: Each rune brings a 5% bonus to the arena income.

From 1000 runes collected, the stores can also offer rune-enhanced items for your character. With this you get e.g. bonuses on damage dealt, hit points, gold, or experience to name a few.

In the detailed guide to the arena manager you can find out more about the various bonuses and strategies for the fastest possible progress:

Shakes & Fidget: New Update adds Arena Manager
Not only the new German server number 40 started last weekend, also a new update was welcomed in Shakes & Fidget: The Arena Manager is a new mini-game, which can be found from level 105 in the arena.
Full overview of functionality and bonuses of the Arena Manager.

Dungeons #1-9

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The dungeon keys can be found on quests at regular intervals. The only exception are dungeons #6 and #9, with these two the keys can also be found in the shops.

Dungeon Overview
Level Dungeon Name Key
10 #1 Desecrated Catacombs Quest
20 #2 The Mines of Gloria Quest
30 #3 The Ruins of Gnark Quest
40 #4 The Cutthroat Grotto Quest
50 #5 The Emerald Scale Altar Quest
70 #6 The Toxic Tree Quest / Magic Shop
80 #7 The Magma Stream Quest
95 #8 The Frost Blood Temple Quest
110 #9 The Pyramids of Madness Quest / Weapon Shop